Complete Psychology


Section 9 Careers and study skills

Chapter 40 Being a psychologist
This chapter will give you a brief introduction to some of the careers open to you as a psychologist. We will focus on areas with recognised training routes leading to the seal of approval that many employers require. Psychologists in each domain will give you a flavour of their lives, and we will conclude with some views on new opportunities and challenges that lie in wait if you decide to become one of the psychologists of tomorrow.

Chapter 41 Study skills in psychology
This chapter is intended to do two things. It aims to help you with your study during your psychology degree course: for example, how to get the most out of working in groups with others, how to go about structuring an essay and how to approach revision for an exam. It also aims to illustrate how and why psychological knowledge is relevant to studying - so after reading the chapter you may know a little more about psychology as well as a little more about studying. The coverage is necessarily selective because of space limitations. Nevertheless, we hope that the rationale and the examples provided will help you develop more extended study skills. The chapter starts with some preliminary definitions and then introduces five key principles for study. These principles are based in psychology theory and research. The chapter then gives examples of the application of these principles within a number of common study activities, such as attending lectures, writing reports, revision, taking exams and accessing information resources.