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About the authors

Ian P. Albery is Professor of Psychology at London South Bank University, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Health Psychologist. He has published widely in the general area of social cognition but has a particular interest in the development and maintenance of addictive behaviours and the operation of illusory cognitive biases. He is also an Associate Editor for The Psychologist, the British Psychological Society's monthly publication.

Chris ChandlerChris Chandler is Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University (previously London Guildhall University). He studied Psychology at Solihull College of Technology, Plymouth Polytechnic and the University of Hertfordshire. After obtaining his PhD he worked with Professor Ian Stolerman as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry. His work now focuses on addiction and the role of drug-related cues in the disease process, and he is also working on the long-term consequences of MDMA use.

Graham DaveyGraham Davey is Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex. He is an experimental psychologist with research interests in clinical and abnormal psychology and learning theory. He has published over 100 research papers in scientific journals and has written and edited 10 books, including Phobias: A Handbook of Theory, Research and Treatment (1997) and Worrying: Perspectives on Theory, Assessment and Treatment (1994). He was President of the British Psychological Society from 2002-3.

Andy FieldAndy Field is Reader in Psychology at the University of Sussex. He is an experimental psychologist with research interests in the learning of affective responses and the development of anxiety in children. He has published over 20 research papers in scientific journals, and is the author of the widely-used Discovering Statistics using SPSS: And Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll (3rd edition, 2009) and, with Graham Hole, How to Design and Report Experiments (2003). In 2001 he received a University of Sussex teaching award for 'making Research Methods interesting'.

Nick Hammond is Director of Institutions at the Higher Education Academy.

DAI JONESDai Jones is Senior Lecturer and Field Chair for the undergraduate degree at the University of Gloucester, following stints at DRA Malvern and the University of Nijmegen. He developed and led an MSc programme on Psychology in the Workplace, and has been Academic Dean for the Faculty of Education & Social Sciences. His teaching and research interests include historical and critical psychology, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuropsychology, and research methods. His previous publications include History and Theories of Psychology: A Critical Perspective (with Jonathan Elcock, 2001).

David MesserDavid Messer is Professor of Education at the Open University. He has carried out research on a range of topics in developmental psychology, including infancy, language development, cognitive process, health issues and disabilities. He has written or edited nine books and has published extensively in journals.


Simon MooreSimon Moore is Academic Leader for the BSc Hons Applied Psychology degree at London Metropolitan University. His PhD was in psychobiology, and his research interests revolve around the psychology of the media (computer games, advertising, body image, aggression, pornography, censorship) and criminal psychology. He has participated in various media programmes, including All In The Mind, BBC News 24 and Sky News.

Christopher SterlingChristopher Sterling is Head of the Psychology Department at London South Bank University, where he teaches Research Methods, Neuropsychology and Memory and Attention. He took his degree and PhD at Stirling University, and has worked in various psychology departments across the UK. He co-authored Dyslexia and Inclusion (2002) and received a HEFCE grant to develop a programme to help students with spelling problems related to dyslexia.

Jon Sutton is the Editor of The Psychologist, the British Psychological Society's monthly publication.

Annie Trapp is the Director of the Higher Education Academy Psychology Network, based at the University of York.